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For Companies

At 123-services we know how hard it can become to manage all aspects of a business, we are also aware that many business owners tend to push their company bookkeeping/accounts aside giving priority to marketing, selling and coordinating their employees. Our company provides a professional and reliable service tailored to your specific requirements where you decide about which aspects of your bookkeeping you wish to deal with yourself and which you need help with.

We offer to provide our services on-site – which means we visit you at your premises to carry out any work you require, or remote basis – which means you provide us with the necessary documents and we work from our office locations and send you updates on our progress.

Our main services:

* Payroll
* Invoicing
* Purchase ledger
* Various types of reporting
* VAT returns
* Bank reconciliations
* Bookkeeping software training
* CIS monthly returns
* Sub-contractors verification
* Registration processes handling
* Monthly statements of deductions preparation
* Management Accounts
* Annual Accounts
* Annual Returns
* Corporation Tax Returns
* Dormant Company Accounts
* Director’s Tax Returns
* And more

For Individuals

Tax Returns

If you are required to submit your Self Assessment Tax Return we are here to help. We help hundreds of people every year to successfully prepare and file the required information to Inland Revenue. So whether you are a sole trader or in a partnership use our callback form so we can get in touch with you and discuss your requirements.

Our charges are based on your income and our prices start from as low as £35 per return. Contact us today and stop overpaying for your Self Assessment preparation and submission.

Tax Refunds

Thousands of people every year overpay their taxes and sadly only few knows about the right to reclaim the overpayments. At 123-Services we have been successfully reclaiming your money since 2008 and we continue to do so. If you feel like you are owed money from HMRC contact us and we will asses your claim and let you know how much repayment you are entitled to.

Our charges are based on the amount you get back. We act on NO REFUND NO FEE basis so you will not pay anything if you are not entitled to any money back.

CIS – Sub contractors

We also specialise in CIS returns. We are able to obtain your missing Statements of Deduction from any contractors you have been subcontracting your services to. For more information contact us today.

Proof of earnings

If you are trying to get a mortgage or a loan, we can help you with preparing a Statement of Earnings to be presented to your bank or broker for higher. Speak with our team for more details.

For startups

Opening a business and running it is both exciting and challenging. At 123-services we believe that regular and thorough bookkeeping as well as wisely organised start is a strong foundation for a healthy business. For this reason we have provided a wide choice of services for individuals planning to open a business or for those who have already incorporated their new company.

* Free Name check
* Formation company on line in UK
* All legal and initiation fees
* Free choice of company capital structure
* Companies’ officers are appointed by applicant (directors, secretaries, shareholders)
* Company registered address provided by applicant
* All necessary documents (send by email):
– Certificate of incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association
– Minutes of the First Meeting of Director
– Shares Certificates
– Company Register


You must register your business for VAT if you supplied taxable goods and services amounting to more than £67,000 in the last 12-month period, or if you anticipate supplying taxable goods and services amounting to more than £61,000 in the next 30-day period alone. Businesses with a turnover below the registration threshold can register voluntarily.


If you choose our company for any start up services, we will offer you an ongoing discount on all of our bookkeeping services. For a free telephone consultation please do not hesitate to contact us.


Depending on the type of your business we will advise on the type of insurance you should apply for, we will also present you with a range of insurers to choose from.